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A wide range of job opportunities in the areas of Media & Marketing, Strategy & Analytics, IT & Tech and Administrations is offered with a high degree of differentiation in the requirement levels.

For independent personalities, who value our independence and like to challenge the status quo. If you have the passion and determination to break new ground and create innovative solutions, you’ve come to the right place. We are looking for people who want to drive their personal growth and develop in new business areas.

Our unique work culture is based on strong values and the joy of working together.


Thanks to our flexible working model, which received the ‚Mindshift Award‘ from Handelsblatt in 2022, we offer a 35-hour week, flexitime with overtime compensation and a free choice of work location – including up to 20 days per year from other EU countries. This promotes a better work-life balance and supports alternative work concepts such as part-time work, parental leave and job sharing, as well as reducing the gender gap.

Working Cultures

The way we work together is also different. By working with people with different life experiences, working styles and beliefs, our work for our customers is more inclusive and characterized by a very collegial working atmosphere. With a focus on equality and inclusion, our culture has been built across the entire CROSSMEDIA worknet for all locations.

Social Responsibility

The careful use of resources and the environment is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. Our new headquarters in Düsseldorf, HUGO86, is being designed sustainably to be climate-neutral.

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